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Laura Ellingson

Teachers - Elementary

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It is a privilege to come to school each day to teach and learn with my students.  As a teacher, my job is to keep our School Family safe; my students’ job is to help keep it safe.

Together, we practice conflict resolution skills and mindfulness to help us regulate emotions in a healthy way.  Through exploration, fun, and individualized instruction, each child experiences success and is proud to learn to read and write independently.  I am so happy to be at Spruce View School because I see all of my students in the hallways.  My first class is now in Grade 12!

This year, both of my daughters are students at Spruce View School. My husband, Erik, just earned his Bachelor of Education and now is teaching Grade 5 in a neighboring school.

I look forward to another year of experiments, getting messy, and helping my students develop a love of books and Mathematics.   

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