Dual Credit Program

Dual credit programming allows high school students to participate in apprenticeship training or post-secondary, college or university courses and earn both high school and post-secondary credits for the same course.

Dual Credit Information Sheet

The Provincial Dual Credit Strategy creates more opportunities for students to earn credits in high school and post-secondary institutions at the same time, as well as opportunities for preferred placement (post-secondary course exemption) and workplace certification.

The Provincial Dual Credit Strategy assists school jurisdictions, post-secondary institutions, and business and industry or community partners in expanding or creating dual credit opportunities that:

  • engage students in their learning through pathways that open their possible futures
  • motivate students to finish high school
  • inspire students to learn, work and live in the local community
  • give students the confidence to transition from high school to post-secondary and/or the workplace

Please see Mrs Schweer for more information.

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