Viking Newsletter October 30, 2017 |

Viking Newsletter October 30, 2017

Good Evening:  Enjoy this long weekend with your kids as there is no school tomorrow.  Staff will be at the school preparing for some exciting learnng moments for all students.  Remember there is the Holloween Dance tomorrow at 7 pm at the Spruce View Hall.  There will be a canteen featuring Taco in a Bag for $5, Pop, Chips, Candy Bag for $1, Prize Draws at $2 per entry and a Scary Haunted House ($2 per entry) (I was their guinea pig to see if it was scary enough - it was)  This week we got to see the Grade One and Grade Eight 's do some more buddy work, we celebrated Mole Day with the Sr. High Chem classes and the Grade 9's did presentation on their study novel Touching Spirit Bear.  I can hardly wait to see what spooks up next week at school.  I have my tea and a blanket - join me as we enjoy this weeks edition of the Viking News!

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