Viking Newsletter November 6, 2017 |

Viking Newsletter November 6, 2017

Good Morning:  I believe winter has arrived - it is cold outside.  Just a friendly reminder to make sure the kids come dressed appropriately for the bus and outdoor recesses.  Everyone is invited to come to the Remberance Ceremony held at the school on Tuesday, November 7th at 1pm (please let community member know as well).  It is a short week at school as we have the "Fall Break" from Nov 9th to 13th.  The "Home Alone" course is being offered on Friday, Nov 24th (ages 9 and up) - $60 fee - please pre-register by Nov 14th at the library.  Thank you to FCSS for putting on this course.   It is that time of year again, Daily Saving Time this Sunday.  Turn your clocks back one hour.  Have a fabulous weekend - stay warm - and enjoy this weeks edition of the Viking Newsletter 

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